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Enviro Safe Air 560EC

Mobile Air Scrubbing Units are currently being manufactured by Deluxe Enviro to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These units are designed for air purification and can be used in any commercial setting including but not limited to pharmacies, GP’s offices and commercial facilities.

These air purification units have been designed for versatility with bolted wheels for easy movability but can also be bolted to ceilings or walls where necessary. Units are made from stainless steel allowing them to be stored outdoors if necessary.

The units will contain the following internal parts:

  1. An EC Energy efficient fan capable of delivering or extracting 2m/3 per second of air @ 75PA or if using the filter sets delivering or extracting 600litres of air per second @ 270PA
  2. Airtight lightest V-Bank Steel HEPA filter in the industry
  3. Moulded rigid bag filter with the latest glass fibre media (pocket design)
  4. Aeropleat Eco panel filter
  5. Built on 0-10V Potentiometer for speed control
  6. Cable and plug
  7. Interchangeable end peace’s depending on desired application i.e. multi spigot clean air supply or extract. Negative pressure large ope for discharge air from lobbies or waiting areas.
  8. This unit can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted or on wheels and simply just plugs in. the unit is extremely simple to use and filter changing when required is very simple.
  9. The unit is ideal for temporary isolation rooms/wards
  10. The unit is up to medical cleanroom and ICU standards

How These units combat the Coronavirus COVID-19

Mobile air filtration units are designed to accomplish the proper ventilation of a room and work to combat COVID-19 and other virus’ by removing the virus from the air around you. The WHO has determined that the virus spreads from droplets that are produced when a person who is infected coughs or sneezes. The virus then infiltrates the respiratory system of others when these droplets come into contact with a healthy person when they inhale or touch a surface that has infected with the droplets.

Our mobile units work to combat the live virus by removing the infected droplets from the air through filtering out the infected air and expelling clean air. This makes them ideal for areas such as pharmacies, GP’s, essential work facilities, offices and other areas that may be risking infection due to the nature of their work.

For more information, please contact Deluxe Enviro via one of the resources below:

Phone: (01) 883-3178 

Mobile: 085 142 7800 

Email: [email protected]

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