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Kitchen Canopy and Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Canopy and Duct Cleaning

Unclean ductwork can put your entire building and its occupants at risk from fire. Although filters in canopies help trap some grease particles, it is inevitable that some grease-laden air will pass through, allowing grease deposits to cool and settle on the internal surfaces of the ductwork.

Apart from the fire and health risk, the accumulation of grease in the kitchen extract system reduces ventilation efficiency by restricting the movement of extracted air, resulting in over-heating, excessive humidity, possible failure to remove noxious fumes from gas-burning appliances and a continuing source of unwanted odors which can permeate the rest of the building.

The team at Deluxe Enviro Ltd. can ensure that all your kitchen canopy and ducts are cleaned up to code and provide you with a Hygiene Log with up-to-date documentation, certification and a yearly preventive maintenance plan for your business records. Deluxe Enviro will work to Identify hazards, plan and schedule regular maintenance and service visits as well as provide you with all up-to-date documentation to ensure that your building remains clear for inspections.

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