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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Deluxe Enviro Ltd. Offers Hot and Cold Pressure Washing Services.

The crew at Deluxe Enviro Ltd. will remove dirt and mold from exterior surfaces using hot and cold pressure washing techniques which area also combined with chemical agents and sealers to remove dirt and mold while not damaging the original surface, leaving your exterior walls and footpaths looking new.

Our crews can also remove Graffiti from both interior and exterior services. We use a wide range of chemical solutions combined with light pressure washing ensuring that the original paint remains unharmed.

Deluxe Enviro Ltd. also use hot and hold pressure washing techniques to remove gum from exterior surfaces such as car parks, walkways, roads, pavements etc.

Please contact us for further details or if you wish for a free on-site survey to be carried out.

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